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We were recently blocked on for seven days December 18-26, 2019, during the period between the impeachment and the Senate trial of Trump. Because of  our  Articles content, this has National Security Implications. 

In addition, during this crutial moment in time both for our work on The Internet Court of Lies at which has just gone online for the first time, open for business. claims the blocking was an error in their spam filter.  It was not our fault.  After 7 days of blinding this author to their blocking, they say they have restored all the links.

That said, we have backed up all 200+ articles we allowed on Medium to the site.  Here are our Articles on Medium.Com

Here are the books we publish:

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How to Get Your Privacy Back is a flight over the entire world of privacy.  We are in a new world of privacy that can confuse and befuddle even the greatest minds.  It is a world of complicated technologies, laws, and contracts that both protect privacy and yet also invite horrible new invasions of privacy.

How to Get Your Lies Back is the second volume of How to Get Your Privacy Back.  While the theory underlying the control of Privacy and Lies on the Internet is the same, the implementation is different.  It requires a revolutionary Internet Court of Lies.  The Lies Book includes a cognitive science, neuroscience, and linguistics understanding of lies and how and why humans, and indeed other animals, lie.

How to Get Your Lies Back:

The Internet Court of Lies

Kindle and Paperback Editions

For Audible Readers of How to Get Your Privacy Back: Use the first word of Chapter 35, all lower case, as the password to get your copy of the Appendices to the book.